real time with jacob

Asking About a Trigger Can Be a Trigger

Yes, it’s a thing. Asking someone about their trigger is like asking them to relive the trauma. Because when you ask me about my trigger then I have to think of the trauma that is my trigger and that causes me some form of discomfort. And talking about my trauma is reliving my trauma. Many times I don’t want to tell my trauma to some random stranger. It’s painful. It can cause erratic thoughts then when I try to speak it becomes very incoherent. Incongruent.

Triggers are a powerful thing that at times a person who’s experiencing might not be even aware of it until he’s in the middle of the crisis.

But yeah. Please don’t ask me about my specific triggers. 😊 I can talk in general terms but with no specifics. At least not here.

More about triggers:

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