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Homework Sample: Continuing Towards Wellness

Here is a sample of homework from my final week of the CTB program (week 12). Why now? Because I was just reviewing the therapy notes in order to keep them fresh in my mind, to keep the promises, and practice to work towards wellness.

Question 1: What works for me? List the skills and techniques you learned that work best and how you will apply them moving forward.

The Skills and Techniques:

  • Keep a journal
  • Make a daily to-do list (no more than 5 items on the list and rank priority)
  • Create and keep a schedule/routine
  • Attend the weekly support groups (no excuse)
  • Take a bath to relax and decompress
  • Dance to music or take a walk for physical activity
  • Listen to rain sounds or soft music
  • Listen to a guided meditation / Don’t forget to breathe
  • Work on something creative / Jigsaw puzzles
  • Write / Draw / Play an instrument
  • Seek help / Talk to someone

The Application:

  • Keep a record of thoughts/behaviours/tasks
  • Keep a schedule/reminders/cues
  • Check-in with self
  • Review and remind myself of SMART goals and plans

Question 2: What are my High-Risk situations? (Basically what are my triggers)

  • Watching too much news
  • Being too much online / too much screen time browsing
  • Working long hours
  • Physical pain / Digestive problems
  • Stress / Pressure / Expectation (including self motivated pressure and expectations)
  • Not taking my meds

Question 3: How will I know if I’m starting to not feel well?

  • Obsessive behaviour (especially health or relationship-related)
  • Not eating / Refusing to eat
  • Feeling physically sick / Having physical symptoms
  • Getting easily irritated / Getting angry at self
  • More sleeping / Less physically active
  • Not doing meditation / Not keeping to schedule
  • Not attending support groups
  • Avoiding people
  • Procrastinating / Avoidance of tasks
  • Increased anxiety / Panic
  • Starting to enjoy things less / Depression
  • Finding no purpose to live
  • Isolation / Not communicating
  • Not giving myself permission for a break or to relax
  • Not permitting myself to be happy
  • Self-harm thoughts
  • Confusion / Losing sense of reality
  • Hallucinations / Delusions / Paranoia

Question 4: What’s my specific action plan if I see any of those signs?

  • Track of what is happening. Jot it down and review (the physical and the mental).
  • Track what I do and feel throughout the day (Status Review)
  • Go over the CBT notes
  • Continue to practice techniques mentioned above, especially attending the support groups
  • Seek help / Force myself to speak

Simple. Right? Yeah. Well. If I didn’t have this taped to the Bristol board in my home office and if I didn’t look at it every day, I most likely would forget and go back to my old bad habits. As I might have said many times before language and memory is at times troublesome for me. So, yeah. Here it is, another reminder.

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