real time with jacob


How to talk to the therapist? My approach is being straight up. They are still human after all and when you hide things from them; one, you also hide it from yourself; two, therapists cannot read your mind unless you speak. If I’m not happy with something I let them know. I request things if I need clarification and a different approach. Sometimes it may be because I’m not explaining myself the right way. Lastly, at times you may not jive with your therapist and it might be a time to move on and get a different therapist. Not everyone gets along, some personalities simply don’t mesh. That’s no different in therapy and with your therapist. I had one or two of those instances where I had to walk away and seek help elsewhere. Because having that common communication and building trust is key to getting the most out of therapy. Yes, in this instance the psychology textbook notes are right. Trust in a therapeutic setting is the foundation for success.

Open communication and feeling comfortable with your therapist is key. If you don’t feel completely comfortable with your therapist, try to find a therapist you can connect with and open up to more easily.

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