real time with jacob

Connecting with the Ethereal

I know there is a bit of skepticism but I’m trying something new here. The connection to the universe. We are part of it as much as it is a part of us. We are after all built from similar particles as the stars. So, the reach for the star is the reach within oneself. Look inside and travel in space reaching the horizons and distant planes.

I was scared to look inside, to envision the light of the universe because I was afraid that I might reach something I don’t want to see, to learn something I don’t want to learn. Knowing sometimes is scary. Holding the future in your hands is petrifying. But then I figured, we are all destined for the same future, for the same return. Might as well take a peek and learn to be okay with it. The afterlife and the connection to everything are without limits and without time. They say time is simply an illusion, a non-existing, not fundamentally real. Well, at least according to theoretical physicists. So none of it matters: the past, the present, the future.

Where am I going with this? I am trying to find peace within what I don’t know beyond my physical form and worry less about my physical form. If all of this never ends and doesn’t have a beginning, might as well accept the journey, jump into the pool of the abyss. The result is me sitting in silence, eyes closed and all, envisioning a world outside of me, within me, bright, dark, vast. Simply vast and I, the tiny spec belonging somewhere within this vastness, within our universal home.

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