real time with jacob

Not an Educator

By no means am I an educator. If anything I am the opposite of an educator. I will always strive to remain a student. “Listen, learn, and write” has become my recent slogan. Emphasis on the “listen and learn”. Listen to others. Listen to oneself. Listen and learn because what’s the point of listening if not learning in some shape and form. The purpose of listening is to take in what is said, digest it, and understand it. Willing to listen and learn is willing to become a better communicator and more enjoyable person to be around. Listening to myself forces me to consider what I am saying and think about the logic of it. Because more often than less, my logic is corrupted, like a program with a glitch, a virus. In this instance, I need to listen more, digest more, learn more, otherwise, I will endure being stuck and unchanged. And things got to change or at least the way I perceive and react to the world around me.

Listen, learn, write that is what I got for now. Sorry, no advice here. Maybe a sliver of hope to share. I wish you all well and success in your adventures, paths, and plans. ‘Til next time of my disclosure.

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