real time with jacob

Mental Illness and Creativity

What have I been up to lately? Majority of the time I’m just idling. The engine runs at full steam but I remain still. No destination is travelled and reached. The chase of thoughts, however, is constantly polluting. The hardest part is facing whatever it is that needs to be faced. May it be a feeling, an experience, a lesson, a journey, or even slumber. So, being creative at times is difficult.

However, here’s a non-metaphorical update on my life:

  • attending PTSD, anxiety, and other mental illness-related support groups
  • logging in to Eventbrite-found writing events
  • keeping up with the visits to my psychotherapist
  • building websites
  • snail-pace scripting new short fiction and some poetry

Future goals include:

  • edit and compile published work into a book (Which I plan to offer for free. My preference is that the money is donated to a charity of your choice.)
  • contribute to a new collection of short stories titled “Story Teller Volume 3: Midnight Haze” (Which will pop up on the feed in the upcoming weeks and finger-crossed will run on a weekly basis. For how long? Undetermined.)

The secrets of my life. 😉

That’s all for now folks.

I would like to however mention one last note and a very important one.

THANK YOU to all who have subscribed and follow.

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