real time with jacob

Recap 2022

It’s been a while since I wrote an entry under this banner. But here I am with another year gone. The year 2022 was a year of awakening for me after the constant lockdowns, struggles with depression and anxiety, and a return to social interaction. Truthfully, I had a bit of a hard time being in crowds at first. I mean, I already struggled with social phobia before the pandemic, so with many fears and negative thoughts whirling up in my head, heading back to civilization was not an easy feat. But, that was the first half of the year. Then I buckled down and tried to refocus on new goals. Physical activity or at least being in motion was my number one priority. I’m already slim, skin-and-bone type of physique, so it wasn’t about losing weight. Rather it was to remain fit, help my digestive system, and support my mental state. The motivation to be active is still in up-and-down gear. Staying creative, was the second goal, and although I managed to submit written work once a week for eleven months, in December I faltered. And I’m pretty hard on myself for staying solid on my word. I guess I tend to measure myself to my high standards and at times unrealistic expectations. My own worst critic. So, I feel dreadful for not accomplishing my self-assigned contest, of sorts. Nonetheless, I have picked up sculpting, which I wish to carry into the new year and build my skills and keep on learning. The new year is approaching and once again I am faced with the task to evaluate my current state and where I want to head in the next few months. Staying active and creative still remain at the top of the list. So, to everyone out there in this global world, stay safe, healthy, active, and creative. Don’t give up. Practice. Learn. And stay positive.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. And Happy New Year.

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