real time with jacob

Stress in the Pit of my Stomach

The physical symptoms of stress can cause havoc and it happens more often than not. The digestion of stress occurs in my gut and it doesn’t feel good. It’s a locking mechanism that my stomach completely halts the process of moving the food through. It’s like everything I ingested just simply stays idling and rotting.

At times, we forget how powerful our thoughts can be on us physically. You tell yourself that you’re ugly and you will only see ugly and keep on damaging your body because you think you don’t deserve anything better. Because ugly doesn’t deserve better. But when you tell yourself that you’re beautiful, you start to flourish like a flower. Day by day blooming.

I do believe that our organs feel what we say about ourselves. I know. It’s a weird thing to say. But, when my mind is hurting, so are my heart and my gut. When my mind is poisoned, so are my heart and my gut. I can feel the physical implication of my negative, hurtful, broken mind. Everything else seems to break with it.

I get these rounds of bad, mentally exhausting days and I definitely feel it in my body. My whole body aches. I cannot eat. My heart beats faster than it needs to.

I didn’t pay attention to that as much when I was younger. But, I think my mentally unhealthy habits are taking a toll on my physical body. I definitely feel it in each body ache.

So, don’t dismiss your mind as if it was not attached to the rest of you. It’s all connected.

Take care of your soul.

Take care of your mind.

Take care of your heart.

Take care of your gut.

Imagine as you inhale peace, love, health; and exhale stress, pain, toxins.

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