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the heavy darkness weighing down my shoulders as I drag my feet up the stairs. I stood outside in the rain for ten minutes in order to feel the cold and the dampness. the splash of mist awakening my senses, rebooting my brain to the moments I stashed away.

the heavy darkness weighing me down as the house creaks in a whimsical mystery. a shadow to snatch me and bring me to my past as the door creaked when closed as my father sat to my side, whispering, “which story?” pointing to the bookshelf.

I take a step and I seem to be remaining in the same spot, pulled to the bottom of the stairs. the long fingers are here to gut me out. the long fingers of a boogieman that nightmares are made of.

the spiders crawl on my skin, metaphorically of course… and it’s all because Bryan had to bring the decade-old conversation up, because he had to awake the sleeping dragon. although, it might have been waking for a while, Bryan simply pinched the tail.

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