entry 0923

what it’s like to live with mental illness?
you wage war on time dealing with the symptoms: to get yourself back to normal, to quiet the thoughts, to alter your thoughts

what it’s like to lose your mind?
scary, gradual, upsetting

.jacob g
.12 .from Jacob’s Journal

to the healthy morning

my life has been a strange ride so far. as much as I thought I had control over it, I had complete no control over it… and I keep on pushing forward with three key goals in mind: gratitude, inner peace, and happiness. to the next great and healthy morning.

jacob greb


personal matters

.i have read many articles about blogging and what should one do be successful at reaching the audience with one’s content .find something the audience needs and tell them how much they needed it and that they needed it all along .but, if what you’re selling is you .every fragment of a poem, a journal entry, a story is you .it’s something that is relevant to you and who you were in that moment writing it .it’s not something you are trying to sell, but it’s something you are trying to convey .something you put on paper and stash it away to remind you of who you were in that moment .so you don’t forget where you came from, how far you have come .and when you put all of these fragments together, you put together a person, you put together you. how valuable is someone’s identity as compared to someone’s content? what if your content is screaming out your identity and all it wants is to be understood, and maybe even find a friend?

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.a fabulous article i found that resinated with me about blogging and how it directly applied to simon.jacob blog and the idea behind it

10 blogging guidelines that don’t apply to personal blogs

entry 0701: torn

i want to do everything and nothing at all

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things we need in life (just a reminder to self):
1. oxygen, food, water, and sleep
2. health
3. family and friends
4. purpose
5. freedom
6. inner peace
7. self-development
8. love to give and to receive

entry 0902

a note to self

it’s not what you tell yourself
it’s what others prescribe
love and beauty is evaluated by the spectators in your life rather than by your own measure
don’t tall into the trap!
make up your own mind!
you are beauty

.06 .from Jacob’s Journal


going through depression for few months now and found this link with some helpful strategies

article: what is depression and how can we mange it

some helpful strategies from the article

  1. Make sure that you get out of the house for at least a short-time each day
  2. Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  3. Do something you enjoy
  4. Try to remain involved in purposeful activities for at least a small part of each day
  5. Engage in exercise or physical activity
  6. Make sure you get enough sleep at night and have a bedtime and rise time that varies little from day to day
  7. Engage in an activity that gives you a feeling of achievement
  8. Talk about problems or feelings with someone who is supportive and caring
  9. Let family and friends know how you are feeling, so they are aware of what you are going through
  10. Try methods to improve your sleep, such as not napping during the day, avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime, and make your bedroom as restful as possible
  11. Enlist a trusted friend or relative to help you get out and about or do activities
  12. Reward yourself for achieving a small goal
  13. Learn relaxation methods
  14. Make a list of strategies that have worked in the past for depression and use them

entry 0318

just write
write about how the mirror on the wall ate your soul
write about how the legs of the sink look perverse
write about how the reflection of crystals are in the shape of snow
how the colour red represents your darkest secrets
how the tiles in the church corridor are purposely arranged to devil’s horns
how the sky cracked open and it started to rain trees
how the copper tinted bottle of soap looks orange in darkness
how the water becomes murky after a storm
how life is simple yet we make it so complicated
how we accept pain and fear love
how the keys on your keyboard sing a song as you type
how you lost your umbrella and found a penny
how language is confusing and beautiful and scary
just write

.19 .from Jacob’s Journal

entry 0413

when it comes to sharing what I have written over time, I found it to be the easiest to share with an audience of strangers than my friends. maybe it’s because I’m hiding behind the screen. maybe it’s because I also don’t want my friends and family to worry, especially when I write of something dark or painful. I’m cruel. the burden now lies on you, but you shouldn’t worry. I am okay. I have battled my demons and live.

at the same time, it’s terrifying to reveal yourself to an audience you have never met. many harsh words can easily be exchanged. best I can hope for is, if you don’t like what I have to say, you simply move on and ignore me. maybe it’s wishful thinking. twitter can be bitter, but each person expresses his anger, disapproval, and disappointment in his way. I didn’t want to include hate and cruelty on the list, because I believe that hate and cruelty stems from anger and pain.

but enough of my little nonsense.

you all, have a good night.

jacob .19 .random thoughts

a voice reaching another through a digital bridge coined sharing

mental health and men

we are not the ones to promote things, however, this subject is very important to us.

the statistics are scary.

at least 1 in 6 men have been sexually abused or assaulted.

the social stigma and silence around male sexual abuse and assault results in a lack of awareness and understanding about the effects of these experiences, and what men need to move forward.

1in6.org is one of few organizations that offers variety of services for sexually abused and assaulted male victims.

sexual abuse and assault is a very devastating trauma, which is rarely discussed when the victims are men and their voices can get quickly silenced. moreover, their voices foremost rarely get encouraged.

entry 0405

.a note to self

.examining all the things i have done, all things i’m responsible for, scares me, for that is not the end as more jobs need to be completed .always in a movement, in an improvement .but all i want is to remain stable .stand still .hide .is it okay to hide? .to be aware of my own self, my existence, to be aware of all my contradictions, imperfections, lost humanity .to be perfect is to understand imperfection, someone have said that to me once .yet i still don’t see it

.a person walks without regret .empty .i wish to be at times .empty .but even my tiniest action affects another .a synaptic link with interference .my connections are flawed and the most irrelevant because those are the ones i remember vividly. as i may pass, the other will always be, remain recalling

.so smile and pretend

.00 .from Jacob’s Journal: Rampage

entry 0403

.tired to constantly comply with the society and its norms

.thus, the note to self .a promise to self

.enjoy the beauty of a bright day, falling rain, a shivering thunder, or bliss of snowfall .the changing colours of the leaves should not remind but be the last moment that fills the heart with joy and makes me smile

.be present

.be happy with who i am, what i got, not what or who i ought to be or wish to be .fill my life with realities i attain .smile

.change continuously but with apprehension and comprehension that i always grow, learn, and see the world from different directions .my compass should not only point north

.stay positive; even though, the world may seem harsh .make my world be kind and as i be kind .stay strong, focused …and always love

.00 .from Jacob’s Journal
.not even a valentine special

entry 0330

why do we need someone to make us feel worthy?
everyone holds fixed assumptions
maybe with a little less of expectations
we might be happier.
dreams are best drivers and motivators but
can also the worst realities that lead to mischief and
wake up to reality.
.00 .from Jacob’s Journal

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