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silence, like the silence in my head or at least I try to keep it organized all up there, but I finally cave and enter my pin. yes, I am a coward but how can I defeat an obsession.

“hi. this is Jake.” he says it so casually that it’s almost irritating. “tomorrow. I’ll text you the address.” then a pause. “it was nice hearing from you.” that’s it. that cuts my knees and I hate myself for listening through the whole message. I should have deleted it right after the ‘hi’.

maybe Jacob doesn’t know what he does to me with these cryptic messages. how he tortures me.

that stupid ‘for sale’ sign. I still don’t like it. it’s not perfect enough because it has to shout that this is the end of this chapter of my life. this is the end. clean slate. but the sign isn’t saying that. it’s not perfect enough. back to the drawing board, although, for now the one on the window must suffice. a small gesture of a message for me, for Kevin, that change is imminent.

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