story teller vol. 3: a friend, a tribute


in memory of a pet. losing a pet.

Goodbye, my friend. I’ve known you for fourteen years. You were a four-month pup when you came to us. Today was the hardest day to see you go. You still got some fight but you were sick and we couldn’t see you struggle any longer. Tears. Tears. In all of our eyes. You were a white fluff, with a wagging tail, and even in pain, you were happy to bark at strangers and say hello. A protector of our home. You growled when we rough-played with the one who fed you and loved to play tag-war with your chicken toy. You had plenty of spunk and tennis balls to fetch. You were curious about my cat Max and always wanted to be her friend. Max is snobbish and rules like the queen. You loved the walks and the snow. You were a beautiful creature, small but with lots of fun. I hope you had a nice life. I hope you rest in peace. We won’t forget you and the joy you brought to us all. We will miss you terribly and think of you fondly. I’m sorry to let you go. I’m sorry we couldn’t do more. Today. Today. The sorrow today brings.

May 12, 2023

© Jacob Greb — 2023

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