story teller vol. 3: river


childhood. by the river.

Part 1

but the river
the river held secrets
we would fish and skim the stones
we would swim and laugh
in summer it was shallow
in winter it would freeze and crack
in storm, it became deep and dirty
our front yard would flood
i did not dare to play in it then
scared of what was lurking underneath
and i was scared to cross the bridge
but then the sun would come and dry it out
and everything turned back to normal

Part 2

i spent vast hours by the river
watching the current
and after few minutes i felt like i was part of it
taken along to places wide and unique
but i was always in the same place, sitting still, unmoved
how distant it felt yet close to home
i felt alone and yet that i belonged
i was different, everyone told me so
only the whispers shared in the absence of others
along the river they trailed
in the presence of nature and its beauty
the river knew me

Β© Jacob Greb β€” 2023

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Original Date: February 7, 2019 Original Source: wordpress

17 thoughts on “story teller vol. 3: river

      1. jacob.greb says:

        Like me some short story collection. “Everything Under The Rainbow” sounds interesting, unfortunately it is not available here on Amazon Canada. But I will look over your magazine published work.

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