real time with jacob


Fear feeds fear and it manifests in silence, angry outbursts, tears, and punishment.

I’ve been thinking a lot about fear today. The thought of fear consumed me. Not the fear itself but the thought of it. How fear can eat at us, drive us mad, drive us to question everything and never gain an answer. How fear manipulates our brains. How it can transform us to be cowards or ruthless rulers. It’s such an emotion that has a spectrum of responses. But I find that fear and silence when put together are the most dangerous because it puts other people around the person on an alert. Silence is deadly. It stirs the fear further into the qualm, the unknown.

A predicament.

So how do I deal with fear:

  • recognize it
  • identify it
  • verbalize it
  • reflect on it
  • identify the cause
  • rationalize it
  • drop it into a cup
  • let it go by spilling it out

I know, it’s easier said than done. But when you recognize it, the weight seems to drop off a little.

It starts with a step.

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