a note about the blog

hi all,

a brief update of what’s in plans. commencing in 2022, please join us for the STORY TELLER series, 52 short stories about mental health, love, and life in 52 weeks. we like to say that we are humble writers with few words capturing one tone, one emotion within few frames of action. we are excited and nervous to share this with you as it was a challenge proposed to us by our most confidant of friends and of course our therapists. we believe the latter proposal was for pure amusement, but we managed to find a fragment of ourselves in every literary piece.

thank you.

jacob greb

we have nothing to sell here; rather, it’s a donation of our quips.
please enjoy our journey, our musings, our incomprehension of the universe and people. we are simple and such is this blog, a journal of our entities.