real time with jacob

Therapy and the Spouse

What role does the spouse play in recovery and therapy? I’ve been in therapy most of my life but this latest stint was taking the lead of something that could have gone horribly out of track. In this instance, my wife is not involved in the therapy with me. Yes, in the past we have done couples therapy. But for years I have been doing pretty well that my reliance on therapy has been very minimum. For this turn of sessions, my wife was involved in the discussion before seeking therapy to manage my anxiety and depression and what my goals are. Beyond that, she didn’t inquire much rather listened when I had something to elaborate on from my session. But she let me navigate the discussion and the amount of disclosure. I mean we’ve been through this so many times that it became just part of our life. Sometimes I just need a refresher course of treatment to guide me back onto the healthy path. She learned to trust me in asking and seeking help when I feel like I am losing control. It wasn’t always like that. The beginning of our relationship was hard to sort through, open up, and communicate, but I think after a decade and some we got a good handle on it now. It’s still hard for me to see at times that I do need help but eventually my brain clues in and I do go off seeking help.

I don’t want to speak on the behalf of my wife but even a supporting partner at times may require support. So there are support groups for family and friends. My wife attends it once in awhile but I’m always amazed by how strong she is and how easily she manages her life, thoughts, emotions.

That’s about it on my end about the spouse and therapy. Nothing tragic at the moment but as I said earlier, that wasn’t always the case.

The spouse and therapy; sometimes they cross paths and at times they are simply distant relatives.

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