real time with jacob

Why did it take me a year to seek help?

Accessing services was a little challenging especially that there was a rise of mental health concerns in the last 18 months. Depression and anxiety seemed to drive the pool. I didn’t want to burden the system, plus I thought I could manage on my own. That is the main reason for the delay. It took a while for me to realize that I couldn’t do this on my own, that I needed an external factor to bring me back to shape. An outside voice to guide me through my thoughts, feelings, and behaviours; to make me take stock of my well-being, my triggers, my fears; to challenge me and give me permission to reflect; to evaluate and rate my mental state on a scale and check-in.

Why did it take me long? Because I was blinded to see my own illness and how bad it was getting.

2 thoughts on “real time with jacob

  1. Lily K. says:

    Acknowledging that you need help requires strength especially when it’s hard to see whether help is available or that you need help. You should be proud.

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  2. Stuart Danker says:

    The most important thing is that you actually took action instead of letting things fester. Like Lily says, it takes great strength to admit that. You’re probably inspiring others to do the same too. Thanks for this post!

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