ruins and ash

ruins and ash
everything is lost
that’s the first gasp
but we cannot give up
otherwise what’s the point
to live
to laugh
we must prevail and start again
rebuild what has vanished in the flames
take a tiny step, then another
don’t give in to hopelessness
the heart will beat again
with joy and love
be stronger
be wiser
learn from the mistakes
as it is not the end
that’s what our love has been through
and yes, i will call you my friend
my heart might have mended a little askew
but it’s set for another battle
with an armour and silence
speak less
listen more
nod even if i don’t agree hundred percent
but then leave without losing me
the other person has the right
to his version of ruins and ash
as i have mine apart from yours

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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