indigo wreckage

carriage of misdeeds… carnage and wrath
the nights you held my indigo wreckage
as i pined to fill my empty heart
with anything you might have conceived
coloured in my blank silhouette
and erased my misfortune childhood
opened the new chapter in this novel of mine
because of you, i dusted myself off
picked myself up and finally stood upright
strength to face the indigo wreckage
that kept me faltering, hiding behind a disguise
you say, don’t call you a hero
but how else can i define one who has given me time
who battled the dragons by my side
fell into the glacial ocean and emitted warmth
with a single stare
with a single word
with a single touch

© simon whittle — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

One thought on “indigo wreckage

  1. writernotwrong says:

    Insightfully well penned. call the one who found and believe in you value “Friend”, there may be more out of sight of anyone selfless deed that fuels the same fears they fight by your side braver to know you, braver to be allowed to stand with you and better to have of you what you allow for them.

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