differential equality

we all have a voice, shared, repeated, and common. search a little further and you’ll find another related self. don’t surrender. don’t judge. accept, our value is of equal worth, no matter how our identity might divide us. don’t allow your identity not equate my value.

jacob greb

from “pollution” collection

2 thoughts on “differential equality

  1. writernotwrong says:

    I like the message – Don’t judge except,, and there is so much truth in so few words. I have to think that looking around at each place on earth anyone can make a choice to accept another because regardless of color you can find a place where your skin will not fit in.
    This needs to change……..

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    1. simon.jacob says:

      Interesting tidbit about this note, it was written last year focusing on mental health. But looking at it now, it can apply to any circumstance, definition, identity. It’s all about finding commonality.


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