dwindle my days of fortune and wisdom
as the sun sets to its routinely slumber
the winds that howl
the darkness that shades the earth
in shadows they speak
the lure of bare branches and chipped bark
the suspension of what is reasonable and sound
i have shriveled my intentions
and constricted my options
don’t stray too far from the asylum of my bed
my abode, an accumulated speck of wealth
and that’s alright
i am humble and content to acquire so little
to cherish every gizmo with limitless value
and your soul is priceless and incomparable
life, a commodity granted for one use
so stay still and radiate hope

there is enough burden and war
so dwindle, the cast of greed and parasite
gather at the stoops of caves
and let the rain water the debris
as i sit in wonder

my hiatus

jacob greb

from “pollution” collection

original 20190813.2334

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