a note about the blog

we have created this blog on a whim, unknowing what will come from it. basically, there was no plan other than to share our creations. after two months, March 2019, we finally sat down to actually come up with a schedule to offer variety of content. some short. some long. but most importantly, it was to keep our readers entertained and keep us out of trouble.

but this note is not only to check-in where we are at but also to inform about what new is coming. as of September 1, 2019, we will be posting ‘something of a story, something of poetry’ content, which will appear every Thursday. a lovers’ spat from Jacob’s vault. Simon’s personal blog is, however, suspended temporarily. the final chapters will resume in November.

as always, if you have something to share with us, please reach us through our contact page.

and most importantly, we thank each and everyone of you for every like, email, and support. it brings us great comfort, appreciation, and joy. so. thank you once again all who have joined us along the way.

jacob + simon

we are trying to be nothing other than ourselves