a note about the blog

it’s been about eight weeks since simon and i have created this blog, mostly for the purpose to organize our thoughts and our notes that we have acquired throughout the years .and it has been many years .plus to also build a bridge to new friends .we try to post at least once a day .at times it’s easiest for us to share our struggles, pains, lessons, weird tidbits, love, and who we are through poetry, lyrics, creative writing, stories, articles of interest, and snippets of personal journal entries, which may at times sound a little irrational .we apologize if these formats may not be of your interest, but we hope you bear with us and read with little understanding

you can reach us via email [see the names below] to leave a comment or simply say ‘hi’

or if you’d like to share a poem, story, or an interesting fact with us and would like us to post it, we will dedicate a slot for you

as of March 2019 we have added a schedule of what will be posted on daily basis [see schedule below, if interested], mostly due to keep ourselves organized and offer variety of content

thank you all who have joined us along the way

jacob + simon

we are trying to be nothing other than ourselves

disclaimer .we are not an online magazine or literary publication .not all content submitted to us may be posted due to scheduling .as well, we do not pay for submissions

Blog Schedule

sun: words worth less than a dime plus a nickel — one line poetry
mon: open mic — anything goes
tue: simon personal blog: second act
wed: edytha’s corner — poetry
thu: open mic — anything goes
fri: simon personal blog: second act
sat: freestyle — poetry