story teller: the importance of lists

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The Importance of Lists

depression. making lists. chores. finding purpose.

Always make a list. Don’t look at the time. Be in a moment while completing a task.

Three rules to my life and I need to follow them attentively and religiously. There is no escaping the rules; otherwise, I’ll end up there again, affixed to the bed like a screw among other screws on the side railing that’s holding up the bed. My usefulness defined by a structure that has a purpose only to have persons sleep on it… and I’m not even the person sleeping on it. A person who’s full of life and adventure because I’m the screw that gets loose. I’ll be the smallest screw with little importance that even when gone missing, won’t be missed. Its worn out purpose.

That’s depression. My depression. So here I am making a list of my daily feelings, chores, and accomplishments. Brush my teeth. Comb my hair. Smile once and say ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’.

Maybe among the feelings, chores, and accomplishments on my list, I will find my purpose to live.

© Jacob Greb — 2019

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