new beginnings
new mornings
as i stumble out of the bed
all drunk and drugged out
the party has ended
the regrets will settle in
the room is empty again
everyone has left
loneliness aches
and through a fence
a kind soul smiles
and welcomes me with an embrace
maybe she’ll be my new friend
so the party could go on
my heart will fill again
within the cracks, you’ve created

new beginnings
new mornings
i have forgotten you for a moment
and it felt good
to be free of pain
the weight felt a little lighter
my lungs could work again
but the walls filled me with memories
pictures of your face
so stern and complex
unable to erase you from the album
a keepsake of the mornings
pancakes and maple syrup
we shared

new beginnings
new mornings
the bitter cold coffee
sip with caution
as my heart whisks away from her stare
your phone call
my answer
the meeting for the ages
the wrinkle near your mouth
how long has it been?
ten years, you say, my best friend
the only friend, i correct
yes, i’ll try
divide the half of me
to smile and agree
friends, we will always be


© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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