upside down

see the world as you see it
that’s the charm
we swing on the swings
upside down
like clowns
fools following the mistaken path
at times that’s how the world relays
time and distance is not the same
the measure can be inaccurate
the perception can be falsified
miss the face in front you
long for the runaway to return
the taxing empty minutes without an act
an echo that doesn’t reverberates
the nature of things split to halves
your turn, my turn
to take a stand and shout
lift the burden
sink the feet to the sand
raise the arms and do a cartwheel
flip the world upside down
stop for a moment and see
what has been missed and what’s new to receive
a beauty that haven’t departed
although it has never expired
maybe shifted as something to be dismissed
recognize the difference and the familiar
take the good and the bad
it’s easier than to tie a bow oh so evenly
the world isn’t upright or upside down
but swinging between the ends
until it meets in the middle
happy and scathed

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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