second chances

the train has left its tracks
and we spin, spin
until the wreckage hits us
open eyes
there was solace for every time i cried
until there was no more of your voice
to mend the broken heart
i left i know
i am at fault
broke my own heart to contain
the fear, the chaos and doubt
my chest hurt from my punishing fists
until i couldn’t breathe
i treated you unwell
as i was unwell
but here i am today
fighting a different fight
time has done you well
your smile, your happiness
i’m not here to take it all away
but i want what you have
teach me how to embrace my love and thrive
the well you have done
i am asking for a second chance
as a student eager to learn his lesson
in life
in love
in happiness
in you

© simon whittle — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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