forgive me

pardon the truth
but don’t get angry
don’t shove
the furrow of your brows
the heavy exhale
your pain is equal to your damage
a favour i once told
we all become tongue tied
and resort to select and forget
it’s easier than the reality that hurt us
cherished pain
my heart has broken into pieces of your song
it hasn’t become easier as time marched on
i hopped on the train to neverland
to trash the keepsakes of my love
memories died
you and i
like death taking my hand to lead another journey
but that’s the funny thing about loss of time
the perspective that gets erased
nothing starts to make sense
the truth is blurred
the blunder of my misguidance
i loved you once
a snippet in my life
nothing more, nothing less of you and i
once upon a time
so, please forgive me to be blunt

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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