ages ago we were so young
the innocence took us for a ride
and i love how it felt
encompassed by the hope and belief
we were meant to be
fit together limitlessly
lost in the nights
the haze of us
but years have burned us out
the flame gone in a gust
scattered exchange of words
not discarded but muffled
memories are a funny thing
from sad to happy
all in one blink
resonate vividly and fading
the agile and a clutch
without governance
to trace what is true and right
the question
was it all real
did my heart truly mend
the hurt, the pain
withstanding the love
because memories raise the glass
and clink
graduations and growth
we forget what might have been
to what it is
left in both of us
fond memories stored in the photographs

© simon whittle — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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