a residue of you left behind
dispensing our romance
but i was quite comfortable in the ruins
compensating with my penance
but no, that wasn’t enough
you command to strip me from the chains
dismantle my plans, purge my rage
don’t stand before me with promises
a lantern that guides through the perishing land
a failing flame falling to the deep unknown
i’m sucked into the vortex of polarizing emotions
but the push comes as fast as the rapid current
with no lifeline to cultivate an escape
i need you
i want you
hang my ambitions dry
the fog submerged chasing the superficial wounds
your resilience, pure magic to captivate once again
stranding me along the dust and empty roads
only to resurrect something that once faltered
an ego of cherished unicorn
crucify my logic and deter my reasoning
i am yours

© simon whittle — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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