the end of heartbreak

you destroyed the democracy of my joyful heart
drown my reason in the pool of fears
then convert them to lies in my torn mind
would blame heal?
anger is the stronger soldier to wage the war at the moment
whether with you
whether with myself
but the battle is an inevitable prerequisite
thus, it begins
single words weaved together
to make a claim and cause the fated agony
i should have not given you my trust
it hurts too much
but no one escaped unharmed
yes, i’m angry
how did we let this get away from us?
failure was not an option, not a quiver or a blast
we should have fought ’til hell and back
not simply say goodbyes as cowards, defeated and scared
why did i let you get away?
why did you have to utter those words?
why is the question that remains unmatched
the chaos flutters as dazed butterflies
poisoned and dying from the flower that fed the sweetest nectar
i am bewildered, battered, and torn
i am depleted, afraid, and bare
i am

i am heartbroken

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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