never ending affair

i jump into the muddy grit
and let it seep into my heels
into the wounds and blood
contaminating me with guilt
can’t let you go
can’t let you heal
i rather disappear
but it never ends
the thought of you
resting at the back of my mind
always and forever
i have done you wrong
and i call you in my need
i’m sorry
please answer and put the smile on
no matter how much it hurts
my need for you is stronger than my guilt
i am sick
the loop that soils you and me
our affair was so sweet
but it also burned and cut
all because my mind couldn’t cope
with all of your love
when it was perfect, it was perfect
and when you faltered, i faltered, too
i couldn’t lift you
if anything i shattered and failed
to keep that faith and hope
all the wonders one would like to believe
because i’m unwell
but please don’t let go
the never-ending tale of our love
it remains always in my tears

© simon whitte — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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