after effects

morning, the tiresome expenditures
it’s all the same
it’s all the different
and you smile
it’s all right
that wink, that gesture
the satisfactory end of the unplanned adventure
the music fills the kitchen
and you sway singing along
snapping your fingers to the base
seductive and playful
i catch your next step and join
a brief union of delight
before your eyes petition
‘what have we done’
the curse of an incurable mind
but i overrule the unneeded conduct
‘stay in the moment’
the ease must outweigh the doubt
catch your breath
and glue your lost stare onto my face
welcome the courage of my plea
no ruin of what have been
and where it will lead
up the mountain to the clouds
you’re mine
only if for now

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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