the firsts

first glance
first whisper
first words
first touch
first holding of hands
first kiss
first love

let me stamp us as official
the intimacy that we declared
last night, a broadcast of the first
slip your nails across my chest
whisper, more
the pain and the pleasure
cancel out
the noise, the hum, and dive
your lips, your tongue
high and a blur
awake in your divine
and the moments pass
shared and permanently imprinted
sacred first
embraced through the rain
until the moon settles for the morning dew
silence that speaks loud
washed in love
undivided attention
fingers touch and part, crave and sweep
across the bare skin
whisper, stop
and i listen to your woes
the stories told many times before
but all new meaning rests
our beginning
hold true and first

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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