comfort, the move

letting go and plunge into the joy ride
chase the day with a muse
that we end up at the edge of the world
without a map as our guide
the engine that rattles across the ocean
the love letter that reaches every noon
abandon all of my worries
you’re the one i’ll follow
i’m okay with the rustle of the leaves
nothing scares me when i’m near you
i trust you to take me through the forest
and survive the battle day
hungry we will never be
howl like the wolves in their camp
i’m defeated
your love has conquered me
madness for the mad
and i don’t care to rip the bandages off
let me feel your naked skin
nothing to resist
an exchange and repayment of your affection
you have given me entities for days
now it’s my turn to shower you with roses
proceed as a lover and a fool
and i’m a complete fool for you

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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