at last
here we are
declare your lips upon mine
let the earthquake shake through me
as the electrical storm makes across my skin
knit your fingers into my hair
pull me closer
the void distance between my breath and your mouth
kiss my blush cheek, my neck, my fleeing heart
make your way to my trembling arms
and dive into my palms
remove another layer
and hide beneath
ergo, the hunger
i’m your main attraction
forget being malicious
ignore the suspicion
i, but nothing, cannot resist
pine what’s purest and honest
the trust, unbound and limitless
take my hand and pin it to your chest
say it’s your home
then let me go, set me free
allow me to guide and persist
the fever, the controlled fire
as it sets gradually and within perimeters
like teenagers
setting boundaries and permissions
curiosity, a new experience
but you wouldn’t allow my lips to escape yours
one simple and absolute bliss
the most important act in the play
your seductive
your innocent
your captivating
your warmest

© simon whittle — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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