grace my day with your presence
thief of my heart
it’s always warmest with you in my bed
climb under the pillows and fall asleep to my lullabies
drift with me through our dreams
as the hours pass
align your loaded mind and fuel the mystery
time is yours to take and replenish
no pain
no fear or doubt on my part
as you dance with a smile in my arms
brush the hair from your eyes to get a better glance

my companion
my best friend
my lover
my gain

you’re the one that rests on my side
and falls asleep to the beat of my heart

no time can be stolen or forgotten
no regret but a cherished soul
unearth a memory and hold it for eternity
uncage the chance
time has no upper hand
we never gave it away
we took it and froze the days
because the passage would have been all the same
with you in an embrace
in a dance
in the moments we loved and fought
in all the good and bad
as long as it was you with me
in the passing of time

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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