a held stare

i knew what it meant
hinged on tempting to fold my cards
a hurricane to turn everything upside down
my head is a pool of anxiety
as your laughter exclaims i put a curse on you
and that makes it all better
i’m not the only one trapped in the enchantment
enamored by the depth inside a hold
a mirror of my every move
an inhale to my exhale
a rainbow in my thunderstorm
that wink and a crooked smile
as the pillow flew through the air in a fight
you stuck your tongue out and eased the day
the play, the mischief, we were bound
the snowball thrown; the water splashed
jumping in joy
shoving me to the front of the line, bold strides
but nothing compared to the lock of our eyes
i knew what it meant
an open book to read my mind
and i let you decipher the passages in a held stare
unwilling to drop the link and withhold my guard

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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