more than words

the mistake we withdraw from the moral of the story
and the anticipation of conclusion leaves us a little hurt
because it’s not what we wanted
not what our world turned out to be
only you, the lovely one, can switch my smile back on
and no words are needed to translate
as the held air in your chest
a telltale of the volume of your comfort and happiness
that your lips broaden to a charming grin unexpectedly
and i’m okay with that
dipping into the expression of your hands
as they sway to the lyrics of the song you elaborate
toss the pebbles across the pond
make a wrinkle in my still body
turn the key, open the secrets and solve the puzzle
blindfolded, i will follow you to the outer world
as you guide me through the terrain
hold your gaze and hush my worries only with one exhale

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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