broken words

my broken words
the swing from happiness to sadness
from a shout to nothingness, empty air
as the moon lifted her eyes
drowning me in the soft light
and you cradled in me your arms
the blanket that stitched all the wounds
from the barbwire that held me in a chokehold
escape the demons in the fairy tales
i had to say nothing
and nothing i said
but you translated my silence and my numbness
transcribed it with every movement of your lips
with your smile, your frown, held and parted
pushed me to open my wings
and you, my wind, lifted and carried
my broken words
with patience and guidance
to express what i needed to hear
and you listened and empathised
we held the same torn world in snippets
until it all made sense
and we were one, connected, chained to each other
shouting the same broken words
in silence, in whispers, in endless conversations
until the moon shut her eyes
until we were told to sit apart
until we were told we are too attached
morning once again turned to night

© jacob greb – from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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