love the same

i loved it all the same
the splatter of our love, all a mess, but all the same
we jumped on the trampoline
springing from the base and then hitting the ceiling
we ran, the mimes of mimicry and mockery
but it was our world, just the two of us
we created our language, our rhythm
the routines to keep our heads above the water
not a burden or a plague
the slashes lined my wrist, the numbers exposed
the times my mind would spin into the vortex
breathe, breathe
your air filled my lungs
breathe, breathe
you were all that i needed
and you captured it all into your memory
on your mental flash-drive keeping the secrets
stashed it away until you retrieved something of yours
disclose your cherished misfortunes
the scent of something rotting
crying in my arms because the pain drilled through
and we drowned in mud
but you held my hand and i held your first
it didn’t matter
i was yours and i loved you all the same

© jacob greb – from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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