say more

i could have listened to you all night
dictating my path
and you said plenty
filling the room with your champagne voice
the fables of your childhood
the woes of your present broken heart
the dreams of future becoming
at times to made me laugh
your silence wasn’t allowed
i needed you to speak for me
to make the emptiness disappear
as i sank quietly adoring your every tone
no pressure to reveal my truths
no expectations to falter at my existence
please keep on talking
spilling your fingers into the air
a proclamation of affection and trust
then you closed your lips
held them tight as i held my tighter
glued them shut
finally able to sleep
your lullabies were like kisses
joyous, adventures, and peaceful
the kind i liked
thank you
but please say more
keep on talking
i never had enough of your voice
making my mind melt with ease

© jacob greb – from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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