share your wisdom on how to heal
amend the wrongs and append the rights
an education i wasn’t privy to
until you came along
i finally learned to feel
you gave me life, a breath, a voice to sing
until i ruined it all
fell too deep, too hard for your soul
suffocated our love
took the life, the breath, the voice away
please forgive me
for loving you too much, too constricted
i want to put away the chains
and let our love subside and remain candied memories
the sugar that made it all so sweet
the hard shell that contained us from the outside world

affix your wisdom on how to age
amend me, append us
tell me how to move forward with and without you
i need you but i don’t want to kill what we have
you’re my best friend
but i’m afraid i might take it too far
anger and hate ails me
teach me how to stop and make it go away
prescribe the scripture of how to aid me out
the darkness that begins to loom
the fear and worry of losing you
you know how i get lost and confused
sipping on gasoline, inhaling in the devastating fumes
i beg you,
i beg you
help me to amend and repair me

© simon whittle — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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