leave your boots

love me more
love me now
love me from now on
don’t leave your boots outside like your vacant heart
the footprints to my soul and the smile
i gasp
your heavy exhale
the catch of an reimbursement of sentiments
a misplaced moment as i plead
why am i the only one fighting the war you create

leave your boots as a reminder
the heaviness of winter’s nights
the freeze of arctic breeze
you never gave me flowers because you knew
i would fold as you’d engulf me whole
and you said it’s wrong to be a captured bird
you wanted me free and complete
not a broken instrument, all gulped up in tears

toss your boots like sinking stone down to the pool
the murk that floods and envelopes the cupid’s arc
don’t argue it’s in my head
that it’s a fantasy and misconception
how hard is it to change your conversation and play
you said it once
reclaim your words and tell me they were true
a meaning i did not misheard

© simon whittle — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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