my crime

get angry
please, get angry
at least i’ll know you felt the pain
at least i’ll know i tore your heart as you tore mine
get quiet
please, get quiet
and crumble
at least i’ll know my words had impact
an impact of an asteroid hitting the coast of your guilt
be a nuisance and beg
crawl to my feet and shrivel
tell me i’m the one
that you were wrong, a mistake you regret
grab onto me and don’t let go
squeeze until I know you missed me with the equal supply
don’t apologize
because it doesn’t make it easier
don’t forgive me
because i’m not convicted although i have sinned
don’t be patient
because i need the fury to accept my resentment
my crime of giving you my heart

© simon whittle — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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