tear me to pieces
tear me to shreds
is that what you want?
torn between your pleading and her touch
torn between your pain and her happiness
my heart bleeds
with every scorn syllable
with every broken promise
and i have broken a few
not only for you
but for her, too
i’m not the tails or the heads
a coin tossed, a probability, a chance
i care for you
i care for her
i’m bound to both with the serpent blade
cutting myself with duty and love
cutting myself with commitment and time
your eyes
her smile
your wounds
her strength
your dancing hands because you’re afraid to touch me
as she holds and lifts me with every encouragement
i see you
i hear you
i know
i know
but i am one soul
unable to carry you both
not the same
not at all times
i want to
i try
i am simply tearing
i am simply exhausted and torn

© jacob greb — from lovers’ tiff: a ballad

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