i am a mathematician adding and subtracting
the adjuster of variations and differentials
correcting all the wrongs, multiplying all the rights
how much more can illogic brave the dissolution
accept what we have done and make a change
do the righteous thing, take action
stop praying and waiting
sign the petition, walk that mile, build that bridge
but for moment stop and do the math
calculate the pluses and the minuses
are the choices we make outweigh the consequences at the end
compensating is not the same as thorough evaluation
— with respect and understanding
know all the facts, measure all the results
go through all the leading paths and consensus
before you make your move
before a temporary relief becomes a damaging harm again
simplify if you can
best equations are a single line with few variables and steady fixtures
measured, remeasured, corrected, and applied

19 .0715

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