i want to be the king in your story
but i’m only a meek jester
unworthy of the golden crown
dismissed at your appetite of another’s throne
of another’s means and fortune
i’m not a match in the game of joust
i do not prosper and have the strength to carry iron
because my kind words and paintings hold no value
my blistering fingers are fingers of a servant
of the one overlooked, a toss-away
always on your side, on your beckoning
polishing your crown, bowing to your needs
replenishing your laughter and your bed

i want to be the king in your story
as you hold your stare as a promise
as a vow
to be your equal and be your love
build our kingdom and hold the crown of your heart

© simon whittle


One thought on “crown

  1. writernotwrong says:

    The chance to be someone’s everything is a tremendous gift, to know you are worthy is a joy, a pursuit worth living, walk meekly to the feet of desire but devalue yourself to the threat of failure and loss. Admire someone for their power to enhance who you are and your need to see things bigger than they are, with a lover’s hand to help nothing is out of reach. This is my takeaway, wonderful share.


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