erase me

erase my name from your memory
erase all the images of my smile from your phone
erase the scent of morning coffee brought to bed
erase the footsteps of our happiness
erase the clouds and the sun, an exchange of the first sight
erase my fingers touching your lips
erase my folded clothes on the floor
erase the sand and the stars we walked a mile, a two
erase the books i read out loud
erase the recipes i stashed for another meal
erase the sketch i practiced to draw your curves

erase my heart as it tore in two
erase my heavy breath
erase your shouts and arguments
erase the raised hands that have given up
erase the empty bed and untouched food
erase the silence and the distance
erase the packed luggage and the returned house key
erase my tears and you angry on your knees
erase all and everything

erase you and me
erase me

© simon whittle — 19.0706

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