and there the butterfly settles on your tattooed arm
of sang lyrics, now part of your skin
fused to entice and drown in your sins
but i am your pardon, your moral conscience self
the ego to your id and your blessed filth
make me your convey to the guard of your heart
as the pureness trickles from the savage to your grace
and you graze my fortune as a subliminal trick
trust is build with the actions not the sound
i am a good intention punished with an indulgence
the fright that nothing is real or kind
spares you of love and network of vines
please allow me to present you
with the wings of a monarch butterfly
a rebirth in the gardens of my arms

© jacob.greb

letters from kaya. the one i trust and crave. you are my guardian, my saviour, my soul. thank you for staying, for fighting, for being truth. the one of kindness, worth, and abundance of strength. my rebirth.

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